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Thus began a four-year Ponzi scheme—involving audacious impersonations and 0 million stolen from 13 hedge funds—which all unraveled just days before the Madoff scandal broke, bringing the 59-year-old attorney a 20-year prison sentence. agent, one of several who rotate through all week long. The owner, the man the security guards are watching, is just getting out of bed.

In conjunction with CBS’s The sun-drenched apartment, perched high in a Midtown Manhattan building looking down on the famed restaurant Le Cirque, is as luxurious as one would expect for space that cost .4 million. His name is Marc Dreier, he is 59 years old, and his life is over.

The Spanish Civil War is a relatively un-remembered conflict here in the US, but it is a fascinating event for firearms enthusiasts because of the huge variety of arms used.

Both sides were supplied by a variety of other sympathetic nations, including Germany, Italy, the Soviet Union, and Poland.

And then, in the lifeless monotone of a death-row inmate, Marc Dreier begins to tell his story. Or maybe you don’t, given that just five days after Dreier’s arrest, last December, federal authorities announced the discovery of the largest Ponzi scheme in U. history and the detention of its mastermind, Bernard Madoff; ironically, you can just glimpse a corner of Madoff’s 53rd Street headquarters from Dreier’s kitchen windows.

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Not like the boxes that tools are packaged in nowadays. They were mostly made out of pasteboard, of the full-lid-lift-top variety.

The most interesting features are the ID labels at the ends of the boxes.

Lined with floor-to-ceiling glass, the living room features low divans wrapped in rich golden fabric. A smallish, tightly wound man with red, stubbled cheeks and a silvery pompadour, Dreier was once a hotshot New York litigator with multi-millionaire clients.

On the vast outdoor deck, as big as many apartments, the views stretch north and east, all the way across Long Island Sound toward Connecticut. The dining-room table is strewn with containers of half-eaten Chinese food. On the orders of a federal judge, its owner is living here under house arrest. Then he stole 0 million from a bunch of hedge funds, got caught, and was arrested in Toronto under bizarre circumstances, having attempted to impersonate a Canadian pension-fund lawyer as part of a scheme to sell bogus securities to the big American hedge fund Fortress Investment Group.

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