What does the new testament say about dating

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But for most, the issue of dating involves "romantic attraction and desire." Therefore "dating" must be approached by what the Scripture says regarding romantic desire and marriage, the only relationship in which romantic desire is to be fully expressed. If "dating" is defined as two single friends of the opposite sex doing things together for fun without any attraction or romantic desire or intimacy involved at all, there is no issue to discuss regarding dating. The Bible describes and gives directions concerning friendship.

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, then maybe you should discuss those issues with your boyfriend or girlfriend.Here are some examples of what the Bible says about dating.Trust God Most people like to think they’re in total control of their own love life.od wants the best for us in every area of our lives.This includes relationships with boyfriends or girlfriends.

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"Dating" is not a relationship, it is a method people employ in our culture to get to know others of the opposite sex that was not employed in Biblical times.

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