Updating one table from another sql server

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Updating one table from another sql server

If the proble The parameter must be ‘description’, ‘taskid’, ‘sync_method’, ‘status’, ‘repl_freq’, ‘restricted’, ‘retention’, ‘immediate_sync’, ‘enabled_for_internet’, ‘allow_push’, ‘allow_pull’, ‘allow_anonymous’, or ‘retention’.

The value for the @sync_method parameter is not valid.

Only one subscription to the same publication is allowed in each subscription database.

Drop the subscription and add it again if necessary.

There are several ways of finding out from both the estimated and actual execution plans whether the optimizer comes across missing statistics. The there will be an exclamation mark in the graphical execution plan and a warning in the extended operator information, just like the one in Picture 1.Regular maintenance is essential for the smooth, successful operation of your databases.This maintenance includes making backups to protect against data loss, performing consistency and integrity checks to ensure your data and indexes aren't corrupted, and regularly rebuilding indexes to help you compact and defragment your data.The Database Engine keeps statistics about the distribution of the key values in each index of the table, and uses these statistics to determine which index or indexes to use in compiling the query plan.If, however, there are problems with these statistics then the performance of queries will suffer.

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So for the sake of brevity, I stick with 20 and point out where there are differences in those two versions. The index provides a fast way to look up data based on the values within those columns.

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