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Tumblr queued for updating

Posts can be edited, published immediately or deleted using the small links in the top right hand corner of each post.Click and drag the small arrows on each post to rearrange items in the queue.The Tumblr Dashboard enables users to post content in one of seven categories -- photo, quote, audio, chat, video, link and text.If you are experiencing problems with pages or blog posts not updating, a number of possible causes are to blame.To do this, you will have to click on the blue button on the lower right side of the text post editor.Click on the down arrow and a drop-down menu will open.

I know I was and I sure am glad that I learned how to queue my posts in Tumblr.It will be pre-populated with the words “Next Tuesday, 10am”.You can keep it that way or delete it and add your own date and time.Follow this tutorial to figure out how to queue posts without any trouble!It’s really cool, useful and helpful for Tumblr to have a schedule posts feature so you can get your articles published anytime you want even when you’re not currently logged on to your Tumblr account. How do you schedule posts on Tumblr (microblogging platform and social networking site)?

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In addition to the much refined interface, you can now drag to reorder your queued posts. It took longer than we were expecting to port your existing queues.

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