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So we’re going to steal your Ten Tree bunnyhug and never give it back.

On those cool summer nights or frigid winter days, we want something big, warm and cozy to wear.

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All your personal information can be private and anonymous.Like many kids from Saskatchewan, we’ve likely moved into the city to pursue university and a job. I promise this is the best date you’ll ever have, minus the mosquitoes. Toques are appropriate clothing to wear any time of year.Yes, I do mean beanies for those not from Saskatchewan or Canada. No, not literally, but when it comes to watching the Saskatchewan Roughriders play football in Mosaic Stadium in the Queen City, we are fully committed. With Great Western Brewing located in the heart of Saskatoon and no shortage of craft breweries to choose from, we’re no stranger to pounding a beer or, let’s be honest, a 12 pack. We also consider hunting and harvesting as real seasons (okay, road construction counts as a season too). Salads aren’t always for us even though we might order them on occasion.I can be super funny without a care in the world, or I can be dead serious. My interests are any kind of music, comady movies, dancing and singing.I´m pretty laid back and enjoy I am 25 with short brown hair, brown eyes, glasses. My favorite color is purpel and silver or Pretty much, I am very new to this. A good friend got me into I shamelessly admit that I am totally addicted to all of those lesbian TV series; L word, The Real L word, Lip Service, etc.

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