Sexy teen hookups

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Sexy teen hookups

And when we say "went on the rebound," we mean they had a smoking hot hookup in Liv's apartment!

"I used to work in a restaurant and was dating one of my coworkers.

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) Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Liv hooked up for the first time on Fitz's campaign trail in season 1, episode 6, and they totally put the scandal in scandalous. Vermont Is For Lovers Fitz whisked his paramour away to Vermont for a romantic getaway in season 3, episode 8, and they wasted no time stripping off each other's clothes for a slow-motion sex scene. PHOTOS: Olivia's Scandal style for less Let's Get It On Huck (Guillermo Díaz) and Quinn (Katie Lowes) have some pretty, erm, unusual turn-ons, so naturally they sexed it up while hiding a body during season 3, episode 17.

Totally normal behavior, don't worry about it. Liv and Jake Ballard had sex on the beach (not to be confused with the cocktail) while vacationing in Zanzibar during season 4, episode 1, and it was hotter than the Tanzanian sun. Olivia took a break from her Fitz Jake love triangle and went on the rebound with Russell (Brian White) during season 4, episode 19.

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