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Red tube virtual chat

This first wave of exclusive content will be debuting in January.

You Tube Red is set to go live next Wednesday, October 28 in the United States.

Advanced LRT™ has been carefully formulated to enable it to perform in a wider range of closed loop cooling systems, making it the most compatible water cooling tubing ever created.

Google has announced it will be launching a new subscription service for You Tube users called You Tube Red.

Google plans to expand the service to other territories in the coming year.

If you'd like to try out the service free of charge, You Tube will be offering a one-month trial on launch day.

The popular video service is also beefing up its efforts in the gaming space, having just recently released a major update to You Tube Gaming.

Primo Flex™ ADVANCED LRT™ Tubing has been designed, formulated and manufactured for today’s evolving standards in the PC water cooling industry.

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