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A woman told police, according to a Cleveland Police Department report released this week, that Conley sexually assaulted her at a downtown Cleveland hotel earlier this month.

The accusation, while yet to be proven, cast uncertainty on Conley’s future and sowed chaos for NFL teams.

As of late Wednesday morning, Cleveland police had made no arrests or charges and issued no warrants in Conley’s case.

But an investigation into Conley remained open within the Cleveland Division of Police Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit.

But on this chilly California day, she looks no worse for wear and arrives on time for a photo shoot for this publication dressed in black leggings and a sequined sweater.

On the set, the ex-wife of Tom Cruise and Oscar winner whose paychecks have run as high as million a movie dons some old Levi's jeans and a T-shirt from L. vintage emporium What Goes Around Comes Around and decides she has to have them.

(Not the sort of clothes one associates her with, making it all the more interesting.) The antennae of the stylist and assorted staffers go on high alert.

She was in Australia on vacation with husband Keith Urban and their two young daughters and then traveled 30 hours to Europe to shoot the final scenes for her upcoming ).He stood 6 feet 1 and 190 pounds, ideal size for the position.He ran the 40-yard dash in less than 4.5 seconds and paired his speed with above-average quickness.News (3-7-2009)- An Unemployed man who downloaded more than 15,000 images of child pornography has been spared jail because his crimes were at the "lower end of the scale".David Abbott, 26, of Valley View, was arrested after police raided his home and seized two computers in February 2007.

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John Macfie/ Repeat Offender - Found guilty of 42 offences.