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The Age and the Planets Have you ever wondered why the zodiac has never been dismissed as pseudo-science?

There's a reason for this and it's because there's no way to actually dismiss them entirely.

The misunderstanding seems to have come from a NASA Space Place page for kids, written back in January this year.NASA sneakily added a 13th zodiac sign a while back, like's it no big thing. Update (21/9/2016): NASA have since responded to all the confusion with this... Laurie Cantillo of the Planetary Exploration, Heliophysics department told : "We didn't change any zodiac signs, we did the math. Humans have been using the zodiac for literally thousands of years.Through inspecting the alignment of the planets, masters of astrology have managed to comprehend certain truths of the world. Anecdotal Evidence Another reason why astrology has never been fully dismissed is because of the anecdotal evidence available.

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The writer for Cosmopolitan has taken information from this page and used it to make their rather bold claim.

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