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This guide looks at what you as a foreign-educated physical therapist must do to become eligible for licensing in Michigan.

At the same time, it includes some background and tips on the larger physical therapy profession to give you an idea of the variety of opportunities available as you work to build your career.

The provisions of this Chapter 40 issued under section 506 of The Administrative Code of 1929 (71 P. § 186); and section 3 of the Physical Therapy Practice Act (63 P. Code § 47.21 (relating to professional corporations). Written confirmation of inactive status will be forwarded to the licensee.

Code § 41.26 (relating to professional corporations); and 49 Pa. (a) A physical therapist license will become inactive upon either of the following: (1) The licensee in writing affirmatively requests the Board to place licensure on inactive status.

Code § 601.3 (relating to requirements for home health care agencies); 49 Pa. (6) Verify that, if practicing as a physical therapist in this Commonwealth, the licensee maintains professional liability insurance coverage in accordance with section 9(b)(4) of the act (63 P. § 1309(b)(4)) and § 40.69 (relating to professional liability insurance). Code § 40.67 (relating to continuing education for licensed physical therapist).

The Jurisprudence examination is completed as part of the licensure application process. In 2011 the median annual salary for PTs was ,270.

Enter all of your paid or volunteer physical therapist observation hours on the application.

If you have observed a PT in more than 1 setting, select "Add New Entry" for each additional experience.

It is the legislature's intent that only individuals who meet and maintain prescribed standards of competence and conduct may engage in the practice of physical therapy as authorized by this Act.

This Act shall be liberally construed to promote the public interest and to accomplish the purpose stated herein.

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(3) Disclose any disciplinary action pending before the appropriate healthcare licensing authority in any other jurisdiction or taken since the most recent application for renewal, whether or not licensed to practice in that other jurisdiction.