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Dating in the dark tv show schedule

Unable to see each other in the light, the participants will be able to go on dates in a dark room.

Once the daters' identities are revealed, they must choose whether or not to stay with the person they fell for in the dark after seeing them for the first time.

Throughout the show, the host provides the men and women with additional insights by providing personality profiles showing which contestants are their best matches and also allowing them to view items the others have brought to the house, such as items of clothing or luggage.

Other episodes include sketch artists drawing contestants' impressions of each other.

They’re totally sequestered from the opposite sex but are all looking for love.

While they have no chance of seeing each other in the light, they do have the opportunity to date in a completely dark room.

But after getting up close and personal, will they be turned off when the lights are turned on? They will stay at a luxury mansion in the countryside, but with the girls and boys living on separate floors the only time they will meet is in total darkness.

When the lights go on, the couples must ultimately decide whether to leave the mansion together or apart.

The contestants enter the dark room for the final time and are revealed to each other one at a time.

But attributing a cyber-attack can be almost impossible, and there's room for doubt...

A reality show in which contestants meet and get acquainted in a completely dark room before selecting to see one of their dates in the light, and deciding whether to pursue the relationship further.

If contestants enjoy each others company, they can request to see one another again. In their final interaction, each contestant is asked to choose the person theyd most like to date. Do you think a mental attraction can overcome the lack of a physical attraction?

They then get to see that person with the lights on for the first time and can decide if theyd still like to date.

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After several meetings and choosing one partner, they’re shown each other’s physical appearance and must decide if they’d like to continue dating.