Corp standings not updating

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Corp standings not updating

Be sure to train Social to level five as soon as you can.There is a more detailed explanation of how standing increases are calculated below.

Having a high standing with an NPC corporation in EVE Online can lower prices of refining and selling, and give you access to good agents who will pay you more.Encounter missions are more difficult than courier or mining missions, so if you are going for quick standing increases, encounter missions are the ones you should try to do.All agents have up to six standings relationships with a capsuleer, which can be viewed by getting "info" on the agent in game, and going to the standings tab.The intended audience is missioners, traders, epic arc enthusiasts, COSMOS potentials and basically anyone who doesn't want to end up being shot by faction customs teams. This course is designed primarily for missioners, traders, epic arc and COSMOS enthusiasts and anyone trying to not get murdered by faction custom teams.Over the hour we shall cover a variety of topics listed below with 15mins afterwards for Q&A.

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To increase standings towards a faction a character needs to successfully complete.

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