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The results of these examinations were presented at hearings before the Supreme State Security Prosecution on June 6 and 7, and have since been used as evidence before the Court.

Human Rights Watch and IGLHRC have condemned such examinations as a form of cruel and inhuman treatment, "profoundly degrading and humiliating to those forced to undergo them." They are comparable to forced examinations of a woman's virginity, a practice which has been condemned by the United Nations.

A few of the detainees were later released: all the rest have been held in detention, mostly in Tora prison, since their arrest.

52 of the men were brought before an Emergency State Security Court, the verdicts of which cannot be appealed.

Afghanistan • Australia • Algeria • Bahrain • Bangladesh • Belgium • Bosnia • Canada • Egypt • Eritrea • France • Gambia • Ghana • India • Indonesia • Iran • Iraq • Israel • Italy • Jordan • Kenya • Kuwait • Lebanon • Libya • Malaysia • Maldives • Morocco • Netherlands • Nigeria • Pakistan • Palestinian Authority Area • Qatar • Russia • Saudi Arabia • Senegal • Somalia • Sudan • Tajikistan • Tanzania • Tunisia • Turkey • United Arab Emirates • United Kingdom • United States • Yemen • International On the night of May 10/11, 2001, State Security police, accompanied by members of the vice squad, raided the Queen Boat discotheque in Cairo, Egypt.

At least 55 men were arrested there and in random police pickups during the following days.

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