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Most of the posts I’ve read online about Christian dating have been artificial, surface-level kind of stuff. I’m no dating guru and have never claimed to be one.

Yes, don’t be unwise and hang out alone all the time. But if you’re not godly, then all the lists and tips and practical advice that you’ll receive will eventually break down. But after being in the church for many years and seeing several Christian couples interact with one another, I’m convinced that many would-be happy dating Christians are anxious and joyless simply because they’re putting too much pressure on the relationship. If you like the girl you’re dating, and she actually likes you, then you should probably get married. I proposed to Denise after about six months of dating, but we’ve been (best! Non-Christians won’t get you, and they may call you prude or weird or whatever for intentionally pursuing marriage. Listen and be kind, but you just may have to ignore the naysayers.

Charlie's brother, Sam, dies in a car crash that Charlie survives.

SEE ALSO: 5 Lies Every Single Christian Believes If you get this wrong, it doesn’t matter what you get right. As a general rule, six months of dating someone is a good timeline to then get engaged. But take heart: If you’re pursing godliness, the Lord will sustain you and keep you on track. This part is hard, and Lord knows I haven’t been perfect.which is about a group of extremely intelligent, but socially clumsy, nerds living next to an attractive young actress, who is liked by one of the guys.This subject matter resonates with the viewing audiences because deep down many of us oftentimes feel like a “geek.” A number of times I have come across someone who I really wanted to ask out, but didn’t have the nerves, only to think about what “could have been” for weeks following.

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I struggle with relationships and interaction with people in general.