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Avenues dating service

"Vaccines" against diphtheria and tetanus, comparable as prophylactics with Jenner's vaccine against smallpox, have been discovered at the Pasteur Institute here by a French chemist, M. It is suggested that all infants over twelve months' old should henceforth go through a second vaccination for diphtheria, and that all soldiers on active service should be vaccinated against tetanus, as they are now against typhus. Roux, the friend and successor of Pasteur, discovered specific serums against diphtheria and tetanus, but the immunising effect of injections in both cases has been extremely ephemeral, lasting only, at the most, a few days. Ramon set himself to find something that would be as good as if not better than Jenner's vaccine.

They are harmless, do not cause the slightest reaction, and confer an immunity even more lasting than that of calf-lymph against small-pox.

It is, of course, known that the microbes of diphtheria and of tetanus develop in the blood, or in a serum, extremely harmless specific poisons, the diphtheria toxin and the tetanus toxin.

By subjecting these toxins to about blood temperature, 38 degrees centigrade, for about a month and utilising certain chemicals, as, for example, formol. Ramon has succeeded in obtaining new products that he calls anatoxins, an anti-diphtheria anatoxin and an anti-tetanus anti-toxin.

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Experiments on humans Two years ago experiments began with anatoxins upon human beings at the Pasteur hospital and the military hospital in Paris.Irish by birth, and having made a fortune in hotels, she now divides her time between Cannes and London.Five years ago, with an address book positively bulging with successful but often lonely men and women, she decided to set up a dating agency.Some scores of thousands of patients, chiefly babies, have been innoculated against diphtheria, and the results are such that it is claimed that if infants are vaccinated against it this dread disease of early life would disappear as completely as smallpox.Twelve months after birth is recommended as the best moment for innoculations, as it is then that a particular sensitiveness to infection begins.

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At the Pasteur Institute it has been equally shown that human beings - and domestic animals too - can be immunised against tetanus.