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Ashanti dating irv gotti

Joined by Irv Gotti, Ja Rule detailed what it was like during Murder Inc’s most turbulent times as he compared the label’s quick decline to a roller coaster. “And it was weird because I’m really, really a fan-driven artist…I think a lot of people think I was angry at the fans, but I wasn’t as much angry as I was hurt. It was really a weird time for me and I think out of that came the anger. “It wasn’t just one thing, like everything came at us.“It was a roller coaster because everything—we was going up so fast and everything was happening so fast and then it went ‘shooom.’ It was no slope. So, I couldn’t even do business because the Feds told Universal if you do any business with Irving Lorenzo, you’re gonna be codefendants with Irving Lorenzo…I couldn’t enter into a new agreement. Eminem, Dre, they were very, very big in what they were doing as well. I have nothing against being around her or letting everyone know that we’re cool. All good…The bottom line with Ashanti is I love Ashanti.” “I’ve got love for [Ashanti].

Attendees had a great time at the hip-hop concert, taking to Twitter to announce: 'I am SO HAPPY I got to see ja rule and Ashanti last night.'In a 2014 interview with Hip Hop DX, Ashanti recalled a time when her and her musical partner were not on good terms.'We went through a space, which was not cool,' the Mothers and Daughters actress recounted, speaking of the Mesmerize lyricist, 'He reached out before he went in [to jail]. Kelly, Erykah Badu, Jhene Aiko, Brandy, The Dream, and more.It’s unclear what exactly sparked the feud, both parties claim different reasons, but the two rappers beef with one another has gone strong for well over a decade. is an Atlanta-based rapper, producer, author, actor and CEO who has a net worth of million. Ashanti got her big break in 1994 when she performed at a local talent show and caught the attention of music industry peeps.Ashanti signed with a management team and soon started snagging better gigs (including the Soul Cafe, China Club and Madison Square Garden), which eventually led to an opportunity to work with multi-platinum producer, Irv Gotti of Murder Inc. Ashanti has teamed up with tons of huge stars like, Ja Rule on his song, Always on Time, Jennifer Lopez on her song, I'm Real and Fat Joe on What's Luv.

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