16 year age difference dating

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16 year age difference dating

One, yes, statistically, he will likely die first, but that's a stupid reason not to fall in love with someone older than you. That could be a deal breaker with dating someone older who already has children and doesn't want to have anymore, but it's not for him. I shared with her that I have seen numerous marriages, really successful and happy marriages, where one spouse is 15-20 years older than the other.There are absolutely no guarantees about when our time is up! I have never heard any of these husbands or wives say anything about wishing they had done things differently and married someone closer to their own age. I didn't need to apply a freakonomics equation to help me understand what it really meant.May would have been the one holding the two handle sippy cup and eating Spaghetti Os with her hands.The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in November 2015.The American actress was only 19 when she started dating the Gothic rock star, 18 years her senior in 2006.

Friends say you're "infatuated" — why can't they see you're in love?

~ Mark Twain My kids make faces and say, "That's so gross!

" when I tell them that I was in college when my husband, their step-dad, was in middle school. The reality is that I am only five years (almost to the day) older than he is. They have really connected and enjoy spending time with each other. She asked me what I thought about their age difference.

When we first met and calculated our age difference, we laughed. When I was in grad school she was in kindergarten and when you think about it (with or without an equation) that's a tad bit freaky.

I knew it had nothing to do with our sense of humor. I imagined going back in time to the age of twenty three - Mr. I would have been the one walking along Lake Shore Drive with my creative writing books and an incredibly pretentious attitude.

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In fact, I have several friends in their 40s who are married to men in their 60s and life is grand!